Friday, September 30, 2011

Simple Seasonal Style Updates

SJD "Four Seasons Scarf" Light but lush with texture and layers.
In July, I began thinking about designing some new accessories and jewelry for Fall. What I make is guided right away by my personal style and design philosophy. For me, style principles are the same whether for an outfit or a room: make the main pieces neutral but bring in lots of personal style with accessories. This way, one is less likely to tire of the items that are expensive and difficult to replace while still satisfying the eye's desire for what's fresh and new. To be more specific...
Embracing Current Trends of Stripes & Lace

For a room, the main pieces to keep "neutral" would be costly items like a sofa, area rug, draperies, woodwork. Room accessories that are easy to switch out with your mood or a favorite trend: pillows, throws, lamps, art, picture frames, a fun chair. 
For an outfit, the investment pieces would be a cashmere sweater, winter coat, boots, little black dress, great jeans. The accessories, of course, would be scarves, jewelry, shoes, hats, belts, hosiery, or even a fun watch or bag.

I think it's important to get at least one little something at the beginning of each season that you really love. It doesn't have to be spendy, but it should be something of the moment and maybe even a little risky! Just that one splash of color or edgy bracelet or nail polish color straight from the runway makes everything feel fresh and updated. Take your cues from your environment. Glance through Elle or More. Look at your style heroes. See what you're drawn to and keep your eyes open for the translation that works for you. You'll know it when you see it! 

New at The Market in October
"Tennis Bracelets for the New Millennium"  
Susan Jacoby Designs
My obsession with contrast continues! I found broken rhinestone/bead bracelets in my stash and lashed them together with leather and linen cord.The result looks sort of post apocalyptic/Mad Max. I am loving this armful of bracelets. I'm wearing them constantly!


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