Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New LAARKS Music Video

I made Human Abstract cookies for premiere night - very fun!
Watch the video HERE. On Thursday, October 25, the music video premiere of "The Human Abstract" by LAARKS - film by Peter Eaton was held at Volume One's gorgeous, brand new The Local Store.  The Human Abstract, written by LAARKS front man Ian Jacoby, is based on a collection of poems by William Blake, 'Songs of Innocence and Experience.' Eaton collaborated with Jacoby writing the video's script. This work certainly may be enjoyed at face value for its exciting story and Spielberg-esque style. Digging deeper, however, one sees what Eaton and Jacoby are saying about the world's way of responding to the mystical experience, encounters with The Divine. The tendency in modern society is to scientifically analyze, deconstruct, quantify, and reduce any human experience into what is understandable and measurable. This process almost always minimizes or even dismisses the spiritual experience, leaving those with a belief in 'something more' seen as crazy, anti-intellectual or superstitious. The film also addresses the all too typical result of man's inability to explain the unexplainable: a feeling of being threatened, fear, desire to control, suppression, and ultimately, tyranny. This multi-layered film perfectly captures the beautiful complexities of the song.

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