Monday, July 22, 2013

Justine Childs Has a Blog!

My old partner in crime (The Market) has FINALLY started a blog! It's called "Vintage Hearts at Home" and I think you will love it! Justine has a sweet, charming, generous spirit - and that comes through in each and every blog post. Not limited to decorating (although it's a great place to glean inspiration and information for all things home decor) Justine shares tutorials, what's on her heart and fun family adventures! Here are a few pics from her blog which convey Justine's sensibility: vintage, timeless, whimsical and family centered. Have fun exploring Vintage Hearts at Home!
Enduring love affair with black & white
Cabinet in Justine's Studio  - charming, charming, charming!
Justine's gorgeous ever changing dining room...


  1. WHOA! Imagine my surprise and delight when I checked your blog for a new post and saw this!!! You are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for this flattering post!

  2. T'ain't flattering - just reporting the facts, ma'm. :)