Monday, November 14, 2011

Creative Exercise "I Need"....

As winter approaches, what do you need? The hurry scurry, hustle bustle plans and preparations in our consumer culture are impossible to ignore this time of year. How are you preparing for the material demands of a harsh season? What's your anxiety level as you throw your hat in the ring for another "magical holiday" experience for one and all? What do you need?

Isn't our default setting to acquire more than enough so we aren't caught short - only to be left with extra clutter that doesn't really work for anybody? Over acquisition is MY default setting. And it's getting on my last nerve. Here are a few questions I am asking myself today in order to get to the heart of things. Open your journal, get some colored pencils and markers. Answer these questions while writing fancy.Maybe they will help you too. Oh, while you write, click on the song below. I am loving this song "I Need" by Maverick Sabre. He sounds like Amy Winehouse's little brother - and Amy's recent accidental passing is reminding me that life is precious. All the more important to be intentional about what we really need. 
"I need sunshine, I need angels, I need something good..."

Holiday & Gifts:
What is important to me during the holidays? What is important to my family?
Do we spend time and money on things because of "shoulds?"
Am I willing to disappoint the expectations of others and try something new if need be?
A gift is a tangible symbol of emotion, esteem, or respect for another. That's why it seems SO IMPORTANT to get it right. It isn't just the thing. It's what we're saying with the thing. Can I say what I need to without the thing? Or convey the love with a more modest, meaningful token that feels more peaceful/less excessive?
Am I open to following my heart and giving to some one completely unexpected - just because?
Do I have the discipline to wait and not accumulate?

House & Home:
How many partially used bottles of cleaning and beauty products do I see? What was I trying to achieve by purchasing each item?
Do I have a crowded pantry but no inspiration for making dinner?
What's in my dream pantry?
What has to go in order to make room for what I find inspiring and delicious?
What was the thinking behind purchasing the items now headed for the local community food pantry?
How can I be more mindful when shopping?

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