Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Factory - A Real Life Fairy Tale

This is a story about a place. A place that is old and new at the same time. It is an important story and, like all the best stories, it is true. True stories are especially important to remember so that is why I am telling it now.

Uniroyal Plant 1964
Once upon a time there was a big factory in Eau Claire. The factory made lots of wonderful things for many, many years.These things were made by the people of Eau Claire, with great skill and with much pride. This factory meant a lot to the people in Eau Claire. It gave them jobs. It gave them friends they had for their whole lives. At the factory, they made important things for people all over the world. 
Uniroyal 1949
One time, the factory made things that helped our country win a very serious war. This work was so important that when the men of Eau Claire had to fight in the war, women came to help so the factory could still do its important work. After the war, some women liked making things so much, they stayed at the factory!

Many years passed. Times changed.The factory had to change too even though it was hard. But, do you know what? Many things about the factory didn’t change! It was still a strong, solid place to make things, and to think up thoughts. The factory became Banbury. It welcomed artists and businesses and all sorts of people who had new ideas & dreams to follow. And, there were still women who came to the factory to do their work! 

One summer day, three women dreamed of a place they could sell the things that THEY made, with much skill and great pride. They loved making new things. They loved using old things to make new things. They thought that old things were special and had soul. They hoped that when people saw these things that were special and handmade, they would like them and think their work was important too. They knew the perfect place to come and show the people their work: the old factory, Banbury! So, that is how there came to be a monthly market at Banbury. The three women saw more and more people who cared about soulful things, handmade things come to The Market. They invited everyone to come! They wanted to connect more and more and more people in Eau Claire to more and more and more people who made their own things. Guess what? It's starting to happen! Their dream is coming true! And that is a story of the place that is old and new at the same time, and how it stays strong and holds dreams.

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