Friday, September 21, 2012

Is Citrasolv the New Black?

Citrasolv's Captured Comments from the Orange Carpet Step and Repeat
 Ashley of  lilblueboo has one of the most engaging, inspiring blogs I've ever read. You'll find plenty of fresh, innovative ideas, beautiful photography, and content with depth and humanity. Her Citrasolv tutorials, hints and hijinks are gathered on her lilblueblog  HERE.

Below you can see I am wearing a tshirt on which I used the Citrasolv transfer technique a mere half hour before arriving at the park. Intent on radiating in my son Ian's glory (as his band LAARKS closed out Volume One's Sounds Like Summer Concert Series) I needed to identify myself as Ian's mom. Printing out "Ian's Mom Loves LAARKS" on the mirror image setting of my laser printer, I centered the copy on my tshirt, brushed the back of the paper with Citrasolv, burnished the image with the back of a spoon, et viola! A one-off tshirt personalized for the occasion.

Susan and  WPJ listening to LAARKS at Phoenix Park August 30, 2012 (PBR 12 pack near my right knee was NOT mine - I was watching it for the band - for reals)

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