Friday, September 21, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Cardboard Trees

The EXCELLENT DETAILED TUTORIAL for these impressive trees was found at The photos of my meager contribution are helpful in showing the result in a novice craft class setting. Many times I am asked to teach a class where the participants make a cool low cost art or craft project. Since one of my favorite groups is The Smart Women at Apple Pregnancy Care Center in my hometown, the pressure is on to come up with something more Urban Outfitters than dish towel angel, if you get my drift. I think these trees fit the bill. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SLAM ON  DISH TOWEL ANGELS WHICH ARE CLEVER, USEFUL AND PRETTY ADORABLE. I tried these trees out with some complete beginners (which may or may not have been children depending on how strict you dear readers are about child labor laws) and was delighted at the results!I encourage you to give these a try. And then make a dish towel angel. For old time's sake. xo Susan
The Inspiration Trees

My tutorial with my opinion re: fan-folding which differs from Miss Craftberry's opinion.

Wait a sec...are those pages in French? As WPJ would say, "Oh, so you fancy, huh?"

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