Friday, November 30, 2012

New Jewelry Collection: What Remains

I am obsessed with adding more and more pieces to my new collection of jewelry, "What Remains." Inspiration keeps coming while I'm gathering the perfect bead, button, key or charm for a necklace or bracelet. This time last year, I was making "Tennis Bracelets for the New Millenium." These were wrap bracelets made by lashing old rhinestone chain and leather lacing together, evoking a sort of post-apocalyptic, Mad Max world. I've continued that theme with these designs. I imagine bright and shiny relics catching an observant eye, then rescued from obscurity by a careful collector. She preserves her finds on a chain; her own portable personal treasure trove - everything valuable kept with her, always. Their past monetary value is unknown -  money is meaningless in this new world anyway. She loves each object for itself; diamonds hanging happily beside an old brass key - precious because she found them.

Find the "What Remains" collection at The Market Eau Claire during the month of December!

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