Sunday, July 10, 2011

Message from The Market: Getting Comfortable With Risk

Attempting to do something new is a challenge, it's difficult. Why? There is one thing required before one even picks up a paintbrush, signs up for a class, or buys a tennis racquet. One must be vulnerable enough to take a risk. What sort of risk, you ask? 

The biggest risk we take is with our reputation, how we appear to the world.  Beginning something new requires a willingness to look flawed, imperfect, even foolish. Humans learn a subject or skill by attempting it, making mistakes, asking for help, accepting correction, and trying again. And again. Some of us are more concerned than others about what the fans in the stands think. Although all of us probably want our family and friends to think well of us, to believe in us and what we're doing. Having that sort of "soft place to fall" is wonderful and can make it easier to try something new. Guess what? We might not get that support or admiration when we begin a new thing. Not right away, and maybe not ever. 

PLEASE, do it anyway. Just for the sake of doing the thing. No one has to see the result. You are the one who gets to decide if something is worthwhile or not. You may want to share with others, or you may not. That's up to you too. Sharing the thing is frequently a good idea because it not only makes you feel brave and alive, it's a good testimony to those watching. Your attempt may give those fans in the stands food for thought or even permission to proceed with their dream. There are wonderful, redemptive consequences that happen when we listen to the still small voice - blessings we could never anticipate when we began.

I recommend the film "The Secret of the Grain" as an excellent example of risk, a dream, family and community.You can watch it instantly on Netflix. It won't be included in the "Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur's Soul" film collection, but it is incredibly real, moving and inspiring. WARNING FOR THOSE WHO ARE CAREFUL WITH THEIR MOVIE VIEWING ***The first few minutes of the movie with a little inappropriate extra-marital behavior is not characteristic of the movie's content. 

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