Friday, July 1, 2011

A Message from The Market: Igniting Your Creative Engine

I believe every person on this planet has creative ability. Everyone. After some conversations with friends,  it's become apparent to me that not everyone agrees with the universality of creative giftedness. Hmmmm. We'll have to do something about that. It's common to long after some one else's "gift" or "talent."  DON'T DO IT. Eyes on your own paper, please. The world needs what YOU bring to the table. Not a poor imitation of what you think the world wants. 

SO. How does one find this authentic, personal creative voice?  Well, guess what. It is possible to discover ones own particular area of creative ability, nurture it, exercise it and enjoy the fruits of artistic expression! Those fruits being: a sense of accomplishment, the mastery of a skill, a healthy outlet for feelings, the provision of inspiration and beauty for others, to name a few. I'm not a professional artist. I feel uncomfortable with calling myself an artist at all. Some things I've done have indeed taken artistry to accomplish, but I have no formal training. And yet, the ability to get ideas, take on creative endeavors, and receive enormous satisfaction from them gets easier as time goes by. From time to time, this blog will offer a glimpse into the creative process. The whole thing. Not just the pretty parts of making something, but honest looks at rocky beginnings (when one is completely listless, directionless, utterly lacking in any inspiration or even inclination to do anything ever again) to self doubt, to self aggrandizement to recognition that one lacks the skill necessary to carry out one's vision, to the ultimate achievement: partial success! Sounds, cheery, n'est ce pas? I'd love to hear your comments or questions anytime. Let's begin!

Whatever you can do, or think you can, begin it. Boldness has power, and genius, and magic in it. -Goethe

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