Friday, July 1, 2011

Message from The Market: The Role of Your Surroundings in the Creative Proccess

Inspiration is the SPARK that ignites your creative engine. How does one get inspired?Cue  patchouli scented middle aged woman in flowing garments, armfuls of bangles with lilting voice,"Why darling! The world is so magical! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE, just open your eyes!" Gak. Get her outta here. The fact is, Heaven, or Nevaeh, or whatever you've decided your spirit name is (I'm pretty sure your real name is Barbara) inspiration may be everywhere, but there are some very practical thoughts we can think and questions we can ask ourselves in order to find the spark that ignites our creative engine. I don't know of any other way to explain how environment inspires me, other than to take you through, quite specifically, my most recent creative endeavor. Here's how it went....

I love all the red, white and blue around in the summer - starting with Memorial Day. It's almost 4th of July. That's my Grandpa Roy's birthday. I miss him. I miss my Grandma Margaret, too. She had a lot of style. She liked to shop. Hey, she bought me that blue and white chinese box at Prange's one time. I'm going to get it out and find some red in this messy house so I can enjoy my own little "red, white, & blue" theme. 

I am obsessed with this whole Chinese porcelain vibe I got going here. Look how the "X" pattern on the box echoes the lattice print on my chair cushion.This would be a cute outfit. Am I crazy?? I cannot justify purchasing clothes or even fabric right now. I could make jewelry. I wish I could paint and fire porcelain beads. Blue and white beads would look clean and fresh but classic. I don't see any old chinese porcelain beads on eBay. Dang. Wait a sec! I have WOODEN BEADS in my stash.  I have paint.....Hmmmmm.

I like painting beads. It's interesting how close I can get the paint mixture to a true cobalt blue. Success! Mixing paint is fun. Painting tiny beads is quite a challenge - even with my soon to be patented soda straw bead holder I've contrived. These beads don't resemble the picture in my head but I think they are sort of charming. I need practice painting with this ridiculously teensy brush. I will keep going. When Phil calls, I'll ask him to bring home "Special Dinner" because I am in the creative zone - no time for food preparation! This Chinese porcelain idea reminds me of Wedgwood. That sort of medium blue. Make that color.

Now for application. I want a necklace. A whole necklace looks a little too busy. Hows about I pick one bead and make it the centerpiece of a plainer necklace? Too plain.That single bead looks better jazzed up. What other junk can I put on them?
Oh look! Catherine put some peacock feathers in a vase. They are so gorgeous. Love the golden/yellow with the blues and greens of the feather....must.....paint....more.......beads.
These are so colorful and fun for summer. I think I'll make some for The Market. I hope people like them. I think they will. So cheerful, almost endearing -  all the more so for their organic imperfectness. They possess a certain "folkloric" quality. Didn't Phil say, "Hey, those remind me of those Russian nesting dolls." Is that a good thing? I think it's a good thing. They make me smile! Smiling is good. I feel happy. And creative.  

So that's the way the whole bead thing went down. Hidden in the narrative above were some thoughts and questions bouncing around my head and heart that I've listed below. Taking a minute to answer/ ponder them would be a fun creative exercise every once in awhile. As for your answers, journal them, jot them on an envelope, or just think about them. In doing so, you run your creative engine, enabling it to take you to a richer, more interesting, more mindful life!

Creative Exercise: Your Surroundings
Look around you. What is attracting your attention? 

Take a minute to ponder what is appealing about this thing. 

Do you see it everyday or only certain times?

What can you note about the color? Texture? Shape? Memory Association?

If this thing made music, what song would it be?

How does it/would it smell?

If you had to incorporate this element into your life, how would you do that? How would it translate into your wardrobe? Your home decor? Your garden? Your cooking? Your workplace?

Looking at your answers above, do any appeal to you? Then incorporate away! But only if you want to bring a freshness, an excitement to your life!

We'd love to receive your comments and learn about your experiences with creativity. No matter how big or small, share. They are sure to be inspiring!

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